RO Systems

Domestis RO Systems

We are having a world class RO systems for domestic use.


  • Product Capacity : 10-12 ltr/hour
  • Storage Capacity : 9 Ltr/Hr
  • Power Rating : 230V/50Hz to 24V
  • Product Recovery: 50%
  • TDS Rejection Ratio: 90-96%
  • Net Weight: 10 Kg (approx)


  • Non Toxic Filter Housing
  • Food grade cabinet
  • Auto Flushing
  • RO+ Ultra Filtration
  • Low Cost Maintenance

Filtration Process:

  • Stage 1: PP Filter
  • Stage 2: Antiscalant
  • Stage 3: Sediment Filter
  • Stage 4: Pre Carbon Filter
  • Stage 5: RO Membrane
  • Stage 6: Ultra Filtration


The UTS is suitable for the customers who want to install the purifier under their sink.
The system is fully automatic on and off control fitted with pressure tank.
The indicators tell us the proper functioning of the system.
In case of non functioning the indicator indicate us to call the engineer.

 Institutional RO Systems

We are having 25 LPH, 50 LPH and 100 LPh for institutions and offices.
The Product is designed using top quality material and filters available today.
These units can be attached with water coolers.

The specifications of the systems are as mentioned below:

Sediment —- Removing Dirt, Rust and Sand Particles
Activated Carbon Filter —- Removes 99% of chlorine
Carbon Block —- Removes Biological Characters from water
Pressure Pump —- 1 or 2 numbers of pumps
Membrane —- Removes all dissolved impurities up to 90% to 96%
Post Carbon —- Enhance taste of water
UF Membrane —- Removes Bacteria and Virus


Commercial/ Industrial RO Plants

We offer a wide range of commercial and industrial Reverse osmosis plants.
We are having a range of 100 LPH, 250 LPH, 500 LPH and 1000 LPH.
The plants are carefully customized and configured to suit the individual requirement of the customer.
Plant Design
Raw Water Pump
Multigrade Sand Filter
Activated Carbon Filter
Micron Filter
Antiscalant Dosing System
High Pressure Pump
RO Membrane Housing
RO Membrane
Ultra Vilot Filtration